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About us

About dl4a
We are a bunch of maverick academicians who are out to introduce new ways of delivering knowledge with optimum use of text, audio and video which can make the students and scholars understand the soul of the concepts and DNA of their true meaning.
So what is dl4a?
dl4a is for sharing academic materials for higher education , be it graduation, post graduation or doctorate level. Unlike journals, where acceptance or rejection is on the whims and fancies of the editorial board, in dl4a, only readers will decide the worth of the content. Analytics will provide complete details about each content.
How is dl4a different from other online social/sharing sites?
dl4a is unique in several ways:
Unlike other websites , where upload is easy but download is difficult, in dl4a, upload will be a privilege where quality is given upmost importance. Management of the portal has unlimited authority to take off any material of substandard quality. Downloading is easy. Only condition for downloading is that full credit will be given to the authors whose materials are used by the users.
Who is dl4a for?
There are many academicians who have excellent videos, text and ppts which they can share. Students can download these materials for better understanding of the concepts. Fellow academicians can also use the downloaded material for class room lecturers provided they give due credit to the original authors.