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(A) Faculty Upload

Faculty can upload their study materials like word files, ppts, audio and videos for teaching in the class. Text is directly uploaded on our website. Audi and videos are linked through YouTube. Faculty can either link it themselves or send the files to us and we can upload on their behalf.
Benefits to Faculty
  1. Access the material as and when required.
  2. Your students will have access as and when required 24 by 7
  3. Faculty can increase their audiences through uploading on this website. This will improve their credibility. Through analytics tools, they can retrieve the information as to how many have accessed their file and detailed demographics of the viewers.
  4. This can increase the reach of faculty members beyond their own institute who can assess your material and appreciate your efforts.
  5. Faculty members can write about the details of the hits on their folders in their bio data.
  6. RSS feeds will be used later. This will help good materials with high hits to be used for advertisement. 20 percent of the revenue so generated will be shared with the faculty concerned.
(B) Student Download

Benefits of Student
  1. Access the best material beyond their own teacher�s notes.
  2. Optimum use of text, video and audio files.
  3. Students will develop ability to understand concepts rather than memorising for the sake of examination.
(C) Institute link their Conference Proceeding

Institute can record their conferences and send us the copy and we can upload it. This will improve the visibility of the institute in the academic world. In selective conferences and seminars, they can request us to record the events and upload the proceedings.
(D) Institute Download Materials

Institute can download videos of great business leaders lectures, debates and discussion and play it on the class room on a regular basis.